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    公司榮獲第七屆“紫金獎·建筑及環境設計大賽” 職業組三等獎



    From October 25 to 26, 2020, the 7th "Zijin Award · Architectural and Environmental Design Competition", jointly organized by the Publicity Department of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, Jiangsu Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department, architectural Society of China, China Survey and Design Association, and Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture, was successfully held in Nanjing.The jury is led by academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, composed of national engineering survey and design masters, provincial design masters and well-known experts in the industry. Academician Wang Jianguo is the chairman of this competition.The first, second and third prizes of "Excellent Works" will be awarded by housing and Urban-Rural Development Department of Jiangsu Province.


    The theme of the competition is "Healthy Home", which focuses on the health, safety and sustainable development of real space. Through creative design with thought, temperature and quality, the competition aims to lead a healthy lifestyle, improve health and well-being, and build a "healthy home" shared by everyone from the material, spiritual and social levels.

    截止9月20日,第七屆紫金獎· 建筑及環境設計大賽收到有效報名2279項,同比增長29.56%, 提交有效作品1678項。通過初評淘汰、三輪實名投票評選、經法律顧問全程現場見證,推薦產生“優秀作品獎”182項。其中我司團隊(齊輝、周明慧、韓曉宇、陳紅霞、蘇禹宸)代表作品“鐵銹上的新生”榮獲2020年度城鄉建設系統優秀勘察設計三等獎。 

    As of September 20, the 7th Zijin Prize · Architecture and Environmental Design Competition has received 2,279 valid applications, up 29.56% year on year, and 1,678 valid works have been submitted.182 "Excellent Works Awards" were recommended through preliminary evaluation, three rounds of real-name voting and on-site witness of legal counsel.Among them, the representative work of our team (Qi Hui, Zhou Minghui, Han Xiaoyu, Chen Hongxia, Su Yuchen) "New Life on Rust" won the third prize of 2020 Annual Urban and Rural Construction System Excellent Survey and Design.


    This design aims to improve the healthy environment, to create a healthy living environment, improve the better living conditions.


               Site planning: taking full account of the height difference around the site, the overhead corridor is designed to connect the western periphery plot to resolve the height difference of 5 meters higher than that of the internal site. The factory wall is opened to open the site to the city, and three image entrances are designed.


               Environmental strategy: Retain the original trees of the site, make full use of the second floor corridor and roof to form three-dimensional greening, and design the rainwater collection system to create a rain garden.


    Space placement: Based on the original architectural space, the fresh supermarket, children's education, community health station, barber shop, community canteen and supporting catering, fitness, cultural activity room, exchange book bar and leisure teahouse are placed, and cultural and creative office and exhibition space are designed to attract young people.

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